-Zenshow Kids Ikebana-

Our famous kids class is coming back in 2019! 

Ohara style Ikebana method &
Ethical education

We have established an educational program which will guide children to become the next social leaders. Our strategy is to merge Japanese Ikebana practices into an ethical awareness program.

  • Monthly Ohara Style Ikebana practice.

  • Sustainability education to  understand the relationship between nature and human beings.

  • Deep understanding of ”Ikebana postures” with respectful manners.  

  • Asian culture awareness.

  • Leaning Japanese.

  • NPOs volunteer or intern opportunities.

From those Spiritual and Liberal Arts training, children will develop ethical awareness, integrity, respect and compassion of humanity. Children will eventually find their own inner strength and decision making skills to prepare them to become tomorrow's leaders!


Fees $33/ per class + flower fee (beginners bet $10-15)

Course & Curriculum:

Age: 6+​

Venue: ZENSHOW JYUKU  in Battery Park City: Once a month on Tuesday between 3:00-6:00 PM

*Approx 1-2H for a session

If you miss a class, make up opportunity!

International Certificate from Ohara Ikebana Headquoter in Tokyo is available.

If you have a group of people to create your own Ikebana workshop please contact. 

HANADOJO It's time for them to express

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