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IKEBANA, one of Japan's most traditional art forms, embodies the concept of "Appreciation of Nature" and offers a unique and sophisticated approach to flower arrangement.

In the practice of Ikebana, as you welcome the beautiful live materials into your hands, listen to their silent voices, breathe in their earthy scent, and observe their exquisite shapes and colors, you begin to sense their remarkable inner qualities. It is through this profound connection with nature that you become ready to express their essence and emotion.

Join us in New York, the cultural epicenter of the world, as we share this special experience of Ikebana.

     -About the Founder-

Meet Asae Takahashi, a Tokyo native with a deep appreciation for art and history. As a certified instructor of the "Ohara School of Ikebana" and president of the Ohara School of Ikebana NY Chapter, Asae is renowned for offering exceptional Ikebana experiences at various events and venues. With a delicate touch and profound insight, she seamlessly integrates her Japanese heritage into her teachings, infusing her love for aesthetics and historical understanding.

In January 2019, Asae founded "HANADOJO," the premier destination for authentic "Japanese Ikebana 道場 (DOJO)" in NYC. Dedicated to the "Ohara school of Ikebana," one of the most esteemed Ikebana schools globally, HANADOJO brings an innovative Japanese perspective to Ikebana, enriching the community with Asae's expertise and passion.

Dating back at least 600 years, Ikebana reflects a profound appreciation of nature and the seasonal changes. Join Asae Takahashi for an enlightening journey into the history and art of Ikebana. Through her renowned biweekly Ikebana classes in downtown NYC, Asae inspires others to explore the beauty of Ikebana and its rich cultural heritage.

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