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- About the Founder - 

Asae,a graduate from NYU’s Master of Arts program was a successful choreographer and performer having multiple successful artistic partnership with major artists. However, after living ten years in NYC and returning to Japan for two years, Asae now the mother of two kids, recognized the importance of ethical education for children and the deep connection of ethics to many Japanese cultural activities. As a result, she established the NY based ethical program “Zenshow Jyuku” in 2013.


During the past five years, she has taken initiative to establish various educational programs, events and successful philanthropic activities and ZenshowJyuku has captured the attention of diverse audiences. ZenshowJyuku’s IKEBANA program has engaged young students’ hearts and inspired our children to create a charitable deforestation activity in partnership with One Tree Planted.


Now it is time for ZenshowJyuku to open a new chapter and

in January 2019 “HANADOJO”, the premier destination of authentic “Japanese Ikebana 道場 (DOJO)” in NYC, devoted to “Ohara school of Ikebana”(one of the most established Ikebana schools in the world) will emerge as a new umbrella program of ZensowJyuku.


Asae, is a certified instructor of  "Ohara School of Ikebana", and also the president of Ohara School of Ikebana NY Chapter, who delivers renowned authentic Ikebana experiences at a variety of events and venues.

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